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Author Topic: BBC News  (Read 9370 times)


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BBC News
« on: January 06, 2009, 02:06:08 pm »

Hi BJ,
I was asked to contact you about a request I'd like to make of your members.
I'm a reporter with the BBC in London.  I am currently researching a documentary series for the BBC charting the effects Barack Obama's first term will have on the African American community in the US.  Mr Obama will of course aim to govern for all Americans but there is no denying the hopes that exist within the black community, and the aim of our series is to chart whether those hopes turns out to be justified or not.

To that end, we are aiming to find between 4 and 6 African Americans across the economic and social spectrum who are willing to participate in the series.  Our plan is to conduct an initial interview with the participants shortly, and then to return to them 2 or 3 times a year until 2012.  The series will be broadcast in the summer of 2012 just as Mr Obama is, presumably, running for re-election. 

The individuals we intend to follow will - hopefully - include an auto-worker, a banker, a young person, a single parent, a retiree and a military family.  Each individual, and their category, is of course subject to change depending on who comes forward and is willing to participate.

We aim to conduct the first series of interviews around the inauguration but will arrange all such details with the contributors directly.

As you can see, we are keen to include an African-American military spouse and would welcome any assistance you or your members could give in making contact with potential interviewees. 

If anyone is interested in participating, then I appreciate they may have many questions about the project.  I will of course be more than happy to speak to them indepth about what we intend to do.

I hope you find this request suitable for your forums and I look forward to hearing from your members.

Many thanks,


Michael Buchanan
BBC News 
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