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Title: NY TImes - Women on Submarines
Post by: chadduck on October 23, 2009, 01:53:08 pm
Dear Mr. Chadduck,

Thank you for your time this afternoon. It would be great if you could help
me find some Navy wives who'd like to talk about the Navy's move toward
putting women on submarines. If you happen to think of any spouse who is in
a leadership position--or is particularly active among the wives--and could
provide some historical background on the issue, please send them my way. I
know that there was a move toward placing women on subs in 2000 that
received a lot of push back and was eventually tabled.

As I mentioned, a good friend of mine--a Navy wife and her husband--have
told it'll be hard to find anyone in the community who thinks it's a good

Please have anyone who's interested email me at or
call me at the office 202-862-0324 or on my cell phone at 339-206-5812.

Thank you again,